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A blog of Eudemon about his daily life and anime

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Bifrost + Valhalla 2

Due Defect unit of my previous setup, decided to pull the trigger on this upgrade (also small treat for myself for the new job)


Here are just some day one impressions

When talk about tube amps, people generally say they are warm and smooth, it gives me an impression that it is best for midrange frequency

You know me, I like Japanese music and Anime, it is full of female vocals

they are very rich in the high frequency spectrum, to the point sometimes even piercing trebles

For that reason I was hesitating for not picking a solid state amp, after hear numerous good things about Schiit products I decided to give it a try

The Valhalla is not tubey at all, neutral, it preserves the brightness of my HD800

Of course early input means it hasn't completely burn-in yet, but as of now it suits me very well and I don't need any tube rolling


As for the Bifrost, there is not much to talk about other than delivers cristal clear details,  very good sense of sound stage

note that this setup has high amount of output, and it is designed specifically for high impedance headphone like my HD800 (600 ohm)

And I forgot to mention the DAC and AMP are all made in USA while the headphone is hand made in Germany



Down for some photos







This is just my review of recent personal owned HD800, HE-400i, AD900X

Since I have owned many other headphones currently and in the past, I feel that I should have a good taste of the audio world



My desktop setup: P1 > M8 > VA2

This is the SMSL stack consists of power supply, DAC and AMP



Sennheiser HD800 was widely regarded as world's best consumer headphone when it was released

Til today it is still considered by many, the best dynamic headphone in the world

Sennheiser is known for making legendary audiophile headphones like HD600 and HD650

despite those two being over 20 years old, many still recommend them as one of the best entry level


Now back to the HD800 impressions

The sound is crystal clear and accurate, use it to listen to music I have been listening for many time before and I would notice some details that I have never heard before

Being a neutral headphone, suitable for almost any type of music

No matter low, mid or treble, the headphone outputs amazing sound from whatever you throw at it

This is very AMP picky headphone for very good reason, because it will show every single detail so having a bad source will give you same result (also poor recording as well)

And I was skeptical when people told me you can hear the differences in bad recording VS master recording, I sincerely believe it now after listened to this phone

even though you can drive it with your smartphone,but to get the best performance out of this pair of cans, you will need a dedicated setup



HD800 A/B compare against HE-400i (It is not a fair comparison, more like if you upgrade here is the main difference you will get)

First thing I noticed is HD800 opens up a huge sound-stage

Despite both headphones are fully open back design, meaning if I talk to someone while having them on my head, I would be able to hear every single word like I am not wearing anything at all

So in comparison, the HE400i sounds narrow

both headphones have great charity but unlike the HE400i

HD800 has very bright and energetic vocal

In comparison, when female vocals reach their highest point, that impact is missing in the HE400i, while it is well presented in the HD800

at high frequency it might be little piercing for some but it all comes down to personal preference

In regard to this, I have to talk a little bit about myself, I love Japanese Anime and the shows are very much female voice centered

when I watch anime with HD800, those brightness piercing female voices sound extremely satisfying


At comfort stage, HD800 is little lighter than HE400i in terms of weight

However when I put it on my head, the comfort level is not just a little

this is due to overall design of HD800 that evenly distributes its weight with headband and earpads

it doesn't have the huge clamping force like HE400i

Normally with other phones, you eye glasses bands with be pushed against your head and fixed at one location

but due to the large ear cup and small clamp force, I am able to adjust my glasses with them on, however the small force still present

If I wasn't wearing glasses, I would totally feel like the headphone melts on my head

In terms of dimension, even though both are full size headphone, but HD800 ear cups are wider and longer than the HE400i

When I try to watch Anime while laying my back against the back of my bed with resting pillow, I often find the HD800 hitting the pillow


For those of you interested in major change between the HD800 and newly released HD800S at the whopping price tag of $1799 (other than the color of course)

1, the HD800S smooths out the somewhat piercing sound in the treble area

2, Improvement over bass


Some example tracks:

虹の音 - 藍井エイル | Shirushi - LiSA : not sure if I can describe well, if you have heard both sounds, you would know the first song has a climax (high point) and there are two for the latter song, they sound very clear but not over piercing, HD800 reaches that highest treble at the exact right point before gets annoying

My Treasure - 茅原実里 solo sounded as her voice bounce back in space

So in the end, my favorite female vocal tracks sound very much alive and lovely satisfying



Hifiman HE400i People would think entry level planar magnetic headphone is already mid-gear in audiophile headphones

This is somewhat not true, at least to this date, Fostex has some sub 300 level planar cans that are beloved by modding community, although you can't find anything planar lower than that, that's why I said "somewhat", the price level is subjective after all


HE400i A/B compare against AD900X

Again, like the previous one, this is not very fair comparison because their price point is at different level

The first thing I noticed is the big improvements over the low and mid range

due to this sound signature, it is very good at genres like rock, jazz and male vocals

Being a planar headphone, BASS of HE400i is in a huge lead does not come as surprise to me

However, in contrast to the above difference, the highs of HE400i do not wow me

It has very good clarity, but the female vocals sound flat, there is not particular bright point

The sound stage is tight, especially after tried HD800

In terms of comfort, I think the AD900X wins here by being a much lighter headphone

as I didn't feel any clamp force from the pads



Audio Technica AD900X is probably the best value phone at its price point

Due to Japan's pop and Anime culture, most of the Japanese headphones I have heard have done a wonderful job on trebles

Among all those Japanese headphone companies, Audio Technica still stands out to be the top in regard to special tuning for female vocals


Like the HE400i, the AD900X is particular good at certain genre of music (e.g Anime, female vocal, Orchestra)

Due to the nature of open back design, AD900X lacks bass

The highs sound fun, but low and mid are medieval core

Because the nature of its sound signature, AD900X can be little fatiguing when listen over long period of time

In terms of comfort, I think the self adjusting headband has done an amazing job

The headphone feels plastic, but it is understandable for this price range

I don't recall I have notice any big difference in how large the sound space is between the HE400i and AD900X

In other words, AD900X has very wide sound stage as one of the selling points for its price



In the end, I have settled with my HD800, is it worth? you might ask

All I can tell you is, this picture summarized my feeling when I put the cans on



I am planing to purchase desktop VR, can't wait to combo it with the HD800



IMG 20160120 194029

IMG 20160120 194536









外观是我见过的耳机里面(open back除外),设计最好的




IMG 20160103 121641

IMG 20160103 121752











Legend Proof and deck list plus win-rate against all class graph: (all games are recorded in ranked)

According to the record, it took me total 300+ games to reach legend (-_-)/~~~ピシー!ピシー!

Just to clarify, I did not make the deck myself

Warrior deck credit to Sjow's original deck

Druid deck credit to neviilz2 made that post just couple days ago

So why only showing 29 cards?

Yes, I find most people post complete decks

I think this can create a completed figure for the players trying out new deck and they maybe scared to modify them

guides on how to mulligan is all over the internet so I'm not going to talk about them

but I'm going to show you card choices based on current meta due to time shift

that's why I leave 1 slot for you to adjust, and it is easy to understand

but when to tech cards in/out?

I switch cards base on the opponents I see at the time when I play

for example, I play 8 games in the afternoon, 5+ of them are aggro face rush, I will tech in aggro counter cards

and then at night, I find 5+ of them are control style, then I will tech in e.g black knight

the key is find the right card that can help you beat most decks you see at the time when you play, not try to win all of them

to find out which one is the right card to swap, see below

Let's start with warrior (got me from all the way to rank 2): deck / win-rate

when facing a lot mech heavy decks e.g mech mage, mech druid - add mind control tech or second brawl

to better understand the card choice, let's look at their objective, in this case is to flood the board with minions that are not cheap enough to be removable by whirlwinds

when facing a lot hunters / zoo / paladin / most aggro deck - add whirlwind

creepers, muster for battles, imps, all the 2/1s, snakes

when facing a lot warrior / handlock - add second big game hunter

eh... kind of obvious

when facing a lot control-ish / midrange decks / especially druid - add black knight, considerable swap iron juggernaut with sylvanas

black knight chop chop (゚Д゚)ノ

bad match ups: priest, mech mage

Now let's talk about druid (got me from rank 2 to legend): deck / win-rate

when facing a lot of mech heavy decks / paladin / zoo / hunter / shaman - add second mind control tech

the nature of this deck is taunt up and have your opponent to do the trading instead of pointing your face

these flood the board type of deck is basically free minion for you to grab

plus it is not bad against others as well, I find a lot of people overlooked the second one (*´ω`)

when facing a lot warrior / handlock - same

the rest - add black knight

since now a lot of people carry it due to rise of druid

even it is not druid, belcher is more than good enough, and chopping a giant is the dream \(゜ロ\)(/ロ゜)/

this card is also very important when playing against

you always want to drop your cheaper cost taunt first to bait out black knight to save your ancient of war

why no dr.boom in this deck?

this card is certainly a very popular choice nowadays for most decks, therefore the increased number of big game hunters

if you look back at this deck, we have no card that is above 7 damage, so screw bgh haha, jk

back match ups: freeze mage, handlock, the summon a lot of copy mage from echo and duplicate (don't know the exact name, it is not really miling tho)

again, I encourage you to modify your deck to better adapt to the environment

there are numerous tools that can help you track your games, the one I'm using the hearthstone deck tracker

you can look back at the record to see what kinds of decks you're facing the most to adjust your cards

My stream:

I don't have webcam right now, but I plan to adding one in the future

for now you may enjoy my play and my anime music collection (*'ω'*)

Good luck on the climb!


Let me just quickly summarize the last few episodes

setting is the same virtual game world

Our main character "Asuna" met a girl named "Yuuki" through a dual and helped her clear a dungeon boss with her friends

When Asuna got denied further communication from Yuuki, she found out Yuuki has final stage aid and have been in bed for 3 whole years

Since then, Asuna used the terminal machine made by Kirigaya

to let Yuuki enjoy the real world, everyday Asuna carried it to transferred vision and sound between Yuuki

in the end, Yuuki lived through the full 3 months of life that have been announced

now, I really want to talk about the connection between the 3rd ED song and the plot

the name of the song is "シルシ" which means "sign/proof" I can't think of any better word due to my poor English

the first person word used in the lyrics is "ボク" which is also what Yuuki used to call herself

"ボクが生きたシルシ" translates to: the proof/sign of my living

there are two signs/proofs of Yuuki has lived in this world we can tell from the plot

first, the reason why she wanted to clear the boss is to have her and her friend's name listed in the huge stone board

second, her original sword skill - "mother's rosario" that was gifted to Asuna

流れてく時間(とき)は容赦無く いつかボクらをさらってくから - the flowing of time will eventually tear us apart with no mercy

represents her disease is taking her life away as time passes

this one is pretty straight forward to understand, there are other parts of the lyrics also link to the story and I'm not gonna talk about all

when I first listened to the song I was only enjoying the melody but once I knew the story

this feel carried out by this synergy between the plot and the lyrics has stunned me

I love songs that have connections to the stories, in this case I think it is very nicely done

here is a link to full lyrics if anyone interested -


Today was a busy day, woke up early in the morning

spent whole day doing presentation and exam plus my boss' "come to work" email spam, was about to head home and noticed car key was lost

so I spent another hour running around the campus where I've been and asking the security guards, finally found it

thank you so much to the anonymous person who turned it in (/ω\)

btw this is my second time this year lost and found my key, the first time was dropped in the snow where I spent two hours to dig it out

今天很忙, 大清早起来

一整天在做演讲稿跟考试加上我老板的夺魂工作邮件, 当我要回家的时候发现车钥匙弄丢了





IMG 0433

IMG 0432

IMG 0430

Went to the cinema last week with friends to watch this awesome movie

while the a lot of content of the movie has not much to say, it is those irregular type of storyline, where you can't really tell what happened at every detail
but I can tell you, the story itself gave me a big impact

the story is a continuation from the last two movies or the Anime series (since they are almost identical)
=============spoil part============================
the plot starts after Madoka changed the theory of the universe where soul gems will disappear in the end instead of turning every magical girls into witches, Homura calls this phenomenon "haname madoka"

Incubators, however, wanted to observe this phenomenon, homura who appeared to be the only one who knows about this, when her soul gem is about to disappear, they isolated it from all matters
ultimately, their final objective is to capture and have control over "haname madoka"

on the other hand, Homura created a completely clone of the city where she met Madoka within the seal
of course with her being existed in that city (since being able to see Madoka once again is her wish)
after found out Incubators' conspiracy, she forced herself to turn into a witch, wanted to forever be locked in that isolated space being a witch so that she could protect Madoka

her friends who have been lured into that seal, after knowing the truth, broke the enchantment so that "haname madoka" could reach her (those who have been captured by the isolated space including madoka's family and her teacher, and a new character "bebe")

here comes a turning point, when everyone thought this was going to be a happy end right there
Homura held the hands of Madoka who reached out to her, and again, like what Madoka did, changed the theory of the universe, but turning herself into "evil"
=============spoil part end=============================
These changes of mind scenes in plot really creates a big impact to the audiences

As for the music, I have noticed that they have arranged few old BGMs
and the songs are awesome, expecially the ending song (君の銀の庭 by kalafina)
as I listen to this song right now, all the scenes come back to me in my head (memories, whoa)

Here is the sad part, Homura's ending is so that Madoka will not be forever alone and will not be forgotten by everyone
and Madoka's ending was to end Homura's forever loop of trying to save Madoka
Both of them tried to save each other, but both endings, sadly, they can not be together

Conclusion: still a sad story

A new headphone

Beats Studio 2013

IMG 0412

IMG 0347

And the old one I had is Bose AE2i

This is my first time trying out a noise cancelling headphone

At first I was not used to the hizz sound made by active noise cancelling

but it only lasted a day, plus, if you listen to music, you won't be able to hear that sound at all (unless you turn it to very low)

The battery will run around 10+hours, I am a pretty aggressive music listener

and it can last around 3 days withou charging it again :18:

The other good part of having a built in battery is, it doesn't drain my iPhone's battery when playing music

but drawback is once the battery power is out in the headphone, it will no longer function until I recharge it

Let's talk about the most important part that caused me to buy it

when putting it on, it immediately cancels around 75% of the noises

sometimes when I try to sleep in the school's library I like to just put it on for a better sleep quality

and when I am on a bus or somewhere with loud noises, I noticed I have 20% less volume than using my old headphone

(you know when you're in a noisy place, you need to turn the volume up to hear clearer sound)

what I like about my old is the surface that covers my ear

I wear glasses, while the beats headphone does pretty good job on confortness than most other on-ear headphone

my old bose headphone was even better

Lastly, since I always have this on my neck, I can feel a lot of sights of people looking at me :10:

(those who know me in personal know that this has became my symbol, I have been having an on-ear headphone around my neck wherever I go for more than two years now)


I guess it's a pretty good acomplishment(platinum) since I only started playing this game half year ago

and hopefully I will reach even higher tier next season :33:

so according to Riot, by the end of this season (this month 11th to be exact)

I will receive loading screen border, avatar, victories skin etc reward, and they last until the end of season 4 (which is another year)

Anyone who interested in playing with me in game, you can find me at North America server, player name: Eudemon369

note that since now that I receive many friend invites, please send me a PM here to verify =)


New PC built with specs

This is two weeks delayed post, as I'm just too busy with school and works :16:

IMG 0305

IMG 0306

IMG 0314

IMG 0315

IMG 0316

1239903 532465100158860 1520047928 N

here is the spec

1 x HP Pavilion 23xi Silver / Black 23" 7ms HDMI Widescreen LED Backlight LCD Monitor, IPS Panel 250 cd/m2 10,000,000:1

1 x Thermaltake Overseer RX-I VN700M1W2N Black Steel / Plastic ATX Full Tower Computer Case

1 x Intel Core i7-4770K Haswell 3.5GHz LGA 1150 84W Quad-Core Desktop Processor Intel HD Graphics BX80646I74770K

1 x ASUS GTX760-DC2OC-2GD5 GeForce GTX 760 2GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card

1 x MSI Z87-GD65 Gaming LGA 1150 Intel Z87 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Extreme OC High Performance Triple CFX/ SLI Intel Motherboard

1 x Microsoft Windows 8 Professional 64-bit (Full Version) - OEM

1 x G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model F3-12800CL10D-16GBXL

1 x SAMSUNG 840 Pro Series MZ-7PD128BW 2.5" 128GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)

1 x CORSAIR HX Series HX750 750W ATX12V 2.3 / EPS12V 2.91 SLI Ready CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS GOLD Certified Modular Active PFC Power Supply New 4th Gen CPU Certified Haswell Ready

1 x LG Black 14X BD-R 2X BD-RE 16X DVD+R 5X DVD-RAM 12X BD-ROM 4MB Cache SATA BDXL Blu-ray Burner, Bare Drive, 3D Play Back (WH14NS40) - OEM - OEM

1 x Seagate Barracuda ST1000DM003 1TB 7200 RPM 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive - OEM

1 x Logitech S-150 1.2 Watts 2.0 Digital USB Speakers - OEM

1 x COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 EVO RR-212E-20PK-R2

1 x Intel EXPI9301CTBLK Network Adapter 10/ 100/ 1000M

some stuff, like my mouse and keyboard are from my previous PC (not included)

keep thinking that I forgot something... well :13:


Six Flags

I drove with 3 friends, the whole trip took around 5 hours, and they just slept 5 hours lol

The views are beautiful

IMG 0266

IMG 0267

IMG 0268

Safari - basically a small size zoo, you get a ride to see animals

IMG 0274

IMG 0283

We were originally planned to go on the 90 degree roller coaster

But after 3 attempts of the smaller ones, mostly the last one I was like

IMG 0302


IMG 0270

-> akarin_rape_1.png

Went on a family trip to New York up state last week

Below are some major viewpoints

Thousand islands - literally 1864 islands along the Canadian and US border river

and this always reminds me of the community "thousand eyes" from mondaiji (゚∀゚)

IMG 0627

IMG 0632

IMG 0644

IMG 0645

IMG 0643

Three star hotel - the place was pretty comfortable, but due to our tight schedule, didn't have enough time to enjoy it

IMG 0668

IMG 0666

British and French Fort - during the time of colonization, until took over by the U.S, the forts are 300 years old

IMG 0692

IMG 0689

IMG 0682

IMG 0680

IMG 0677

IMG 0683

Power Plant

IMG 0699

IMG 0698

Indian show - well, wasn't so clear, I do have a picture taken with the performers, but I don't feel like showing it

IMG 0702

Niagara Fall - we had to wear raincoat before we enter the falls, and still, we all got wet

and when I was in the center of the big falls, couldn't see anything (*゚∀゚)

IMG 0707

IMG 0709

IMG 0713

IMG 0718

IMG 0727


So today is the first day of classes of fall

Looking back to the things I have done in the summer, hmm

Basically: work, website, dentist and some game time

(You may wonder how dentist can consume that much time, the answer is, I got two root canals and bunch other treatments

which cost me like 15+ visits to the dentist, and still haven't finished yet, sob sob)

Follow by the school start now I have to be a full time student with two part time jobs

Which is going to be pretty hard for me, hmm

Recent purchases? It's been a while since my last update, of course I have bought bunch stuff but they all scattered with my other collections, can't find them lol

Below are images of the new car that my parents bought: Toyota RAV4 XLE 2013

IMG 0239[1]

IMG 0240[1]

and here is their old car, which eventually become mine now: Toyota Corolla (I think it's a 2000 build, old hey)

IMG 0237[1]

IMG 0238[1]


New Internet Service

So after having internet latency and package loss issues for over few month with time warner

and called 30+ times had them came over 10+ times, and they couldn't fix the issue

Now I switched to Verizon Fios,

Besides the stability (which is the reason why I switched)

I am also very happy with the speed

Download whole season of an anime (3.5G) only took 5 minutes

which mean uploading whole season of an anime should take about 8 minutes

below is the speed test



A new homepage?

Recently I tried with flash, but failed

If I ever gonna go about changing the homepage, it will be responsive (meaning it will support tablets and smartphones)

However, since there are limitations using our own framework, the homepage may (yes, may or may not) use a completely different stand alone page

while the rest of the site remain unchanged

Speaking of our own framework, I will try apply it to our music system once I have time, not sure about how it will go since the setup structure is so different (but, trying is better than not trying)

The other issue we have is, the current home-page size is too big

Although we have tab content for you to switch around views, but the content that was hidden are loaded when the page is loaded

this slows down the overall speed

to change this, I am thinking about using AJAX technology, which will display a type of block similar to what we have right now

but all the other tabs except the main one will not load all at once, instead, it will only load when you click on it

this, picks up the load speed dramatically

P.S I have two jobs this summer, and now getting my third job, so busy XD


(there is an issue with gallery image phrasing, please right click and open new tab to view the images for now)

Just bunch stuff in no particular order

newest iPhone 5 (funny thing is right after we ordered it, apple announced 5S :44:

IMG 0569

IMG 0571

And whatever happened, my whole family just switched from free phones to smart phones (my parents use samsung, me and my sister use iphone)

some of you were curious

so i took some screenshots from the KTV events :21:

IMG 0542

IMG 0543

IMG 0552

Ice skating in the park in the city, the contrast between nature and the city is beautiful :20:

IMG 0553

A squirrel is having a sun tan :38:

IMG 0554

An American anime shop

IMG 0563

Korean style dinner

IMG 0564

Did a temporary part-time in a Manga store

IMG 0533

IMG 0534

Japanese food (sakura blossom) festival

IMG 0006

IMG 0007

We waited more than half hour in line for yakisoba (fry noodles) and it was sold out :05:

so we bought okonomiyaki (vege-pancake) instead

By the way, that just reminds me of a moment from K-ON

there was once they went to the mountain lives, and Tsumugi was so looking forward to the yakisoba

but when they got off line it was sold out too :10:

just some recent purchases

IMG 0565

IMG 0012

love the gift clock came with the magazine :20:

IMG 0566

at last, here is a beautiful sun-set picture from today's festival

IMG 0010


The game is out for few days now, and I just started playing it (too much things going on and so little time)

For those of you who already watched the anime

It's kinda long if i have to write what happened, so basically

After they beat the final boss (game maker) at 75th floor, system error occured

most skills, items are lost and they stuck at 76th floor and decided to finish off 100 floors

according to one of the spoiler videos i have seen, the error caused the loss kirito and asuna's marriage data

so in the game you can aim for a different main female character

my subject is of course asuna hehe :33:

about the system, kind of obvious, unlike the anime, upon death your char goes back the the last save point

note that if you partner dies, it's also game over (happened to me once with asuna, not sure about other char, probably same for all main chars)

attacking and defensing is automated, I can see this serves two points

one the console (I have an old PSP 2k) won't be able to support full 3d battle

second to keep player from bored out (from clicking the attack button n times in every battle)

instead you get to use sword skills and battles skills, and communicating with your partner (e.g switching, healing, attacking from the back..)

although I only played it couple hours (bit slow too, because it is in Japanese, I read a little slow and once a while find a word that i don't understand, but i still glad that since i started taking jap classes now i'm able to play jap games with no problem)

anyways, already feeling a decent game, really looking forward to continue playing :20:


here is their official home page for the game:


Ultimate Madoka

Some of my friends are organizing an event to bring figures out for picture taking

which is going to happen very soon, by then I will have more photos available but the main issue is this figure is huge (the biggest one in my collection)

and as well as my other figures

P.S. should have received this figure a week ago, but due to miss delivery and I just found the notice today so.. (ノ´∀`*)

anyways here comes the photos


The post office lady said: "This package comes from Japan, a surprise present hey"

true that, my friend bought this for me as a gift (thank you friend (*´ω`*)



Compare with the TV at the back (showing my website)






Just some other figures I have




I will take some photos of my room some other time, since it does not relate to this topic

In conclusion, The figure is very well made (the second most expensive one I have atm)

and features 2 different bows, the arrow and wings came separately, you can to put them on

the right hand is rotatable too (provide different shooting angles? (´・ω・`)

At last, staying home, cook for myself

here is a picture of my lunch


fan service?!



today after a doctor appointment, went to the bookstores in the city

It seems like due to Japanese yen price drop or whatever reason, magazines and some books have price reduced by 15%

so I went to check the latest release of Dengeki(電撃) G'S like usual and found that each one has a note under the plastic wrapper

it prints "The attached figure can not be sold in the US due to law restriction"

unfortunately the store doesn't allow photo taking, else I would take a picture

here is this issue's image taken from their site


now, I can guess the reason why it can't be sold in the US is not because it is a little buster's naked figure

but the naked figure looks like a child

(you probably know the majority Japanese drawing styles make characters look like low age range (especially genre: loli) which caused quite some problems with other nations (we being one of them) who take child rights seriously)

anyhow, even the store drop the price for this particular magazine for 20%, I still didn't buy it (see how important the attached gift is for magazine buyers)


Dinner: ramen + beer (because they have a special price when purchased with ramen) + nikuman (肉まん)


here are the stuff I bought today


Originally from a light novel


General ★★★★★

Majority of the scene plays took place in VRMMORPG (Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game)

The first thing I have to say about this Anime is the world setting is definitely fantastic. (´・ω・`)

The fighting system broke the traditional scenes with the MMO setting

For example, battle in regular anime, if the main character's heart is stabbed, or if the body opens up a big wound

it will definitely weaken him, and in most cases the end of the fight (in real life: death)

but Sword Art Online (SAO) as a game can represent this element in HP, brings battle into its full potential

and they don't just limit on this one factor, e.g when their hand is cut they lose it (although it can be restored later if the character still alive)

also weapons, armors and food, even pets are breakable.

not to mention potions, skills, poisons like paralysis that often used by the cheaters in the Anime

together they bring battle into next level

Story ★★★★★

If you have read my other reviews, you know I don't write plot summaries

in fact I avoid to tell the plot story as much as possible, so that those who haven't watch it yet won't be spoiled

while my review is focusing on the details and important elements that made up the show hoping it can also give those who already watched it a meditation (・ω<)

The 25 episode length definitely didn't give the animator enough time for fillers

Course of events seems bit rush, especially the first part of the anime when they try to clear the world of sword art online

It quickly skipped through many floors leaves viewer a bit empty feeling

Other than beating the game, the most important scenes of part one no doubt is the love chemistry between our main char Kirito and Asuna !! (≧∇≦)/

The love scenes of them falling in love and getting married at first is heart touching and later sadden the viewers when they got separated

which makes me feel deeper connected to the character's feeling as Kirito later returned back to MMO Alfheim to rescue Asuna

P.S. the way I watch anime (in this case I finished it in 3 days) has boosted up my feeling since my plot memories are still fresh

The most important moment in my opinion is when the raider team was having trouble with a boss

and both of them were called back to front-line after a short vacation, when Kirito heard about the danger of the boss they were about to face

He wanted Asuna to stay in the base and await for his return, but she refused and replied

"If I stayed, waited, and if you didn't come back, I would suicide"

These lines really moved me

Setting ★★★★★

So I decided to rework the structure of my reviews, now I will include a rating and talk on the leading element of the Anime

In sword art online, I think the most appealing factor is their setting

Although as a computer science major, I feel a little awkward when Akihiko (the scientist behind the game)

who locked up all ten thousand players and give them death penalty by sending strong signal to the brain for dying in game or disconnect from the server

the reason is, being a crime in this large scale should bring international top computer pro to hack into the server

or track down the source and disable that functionality locally

Apart from the things I have already mentioned above

The makers really made very good use of the setting of the world of game

PK (player killing), item, party, guild, boss, level etc system

These elements are indispensable and bring more color into the show that created many different user types like

the bads: guilds that focus on killing other players for their money and items, cheaters who try to force players who fell asleep in the public into dual

the neutral: players who have adapted to the life style of the game and want to live a normal life there

the goods: the raider team which both our main characters are in, who try to complete the game so that everyone can be released from this world

and the smiths who work hard making/fixing weapon and armor to support those in the front-line

The contrast of Asuna being the guild raider team captain who known as Senko(閃光) Asuna in the first game

and later being imprison in a cage like a bird who has no strength to fight is a quite interesting concept

And I think most of you would agree that the setting and story of first game is better than the second game

almost forgot to mention, going back to the marriage system, they even have kid, yes "KID!!" キタ━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━!!

The creation of the AI (artificial intelligence)program Yui and she considering Kirito and Asuna to be her papa and mama bring many joys to the Anime

P.S In sword art online, I was exciting to see the society and their friends' reactions when they both get married but that never happened

this is one of the pity for a rushed series

Design / CG ★★★★★

Here comes another change I did for this review and will continue to be (hopefully, positively) for the future reviews

Since a good design needs good CG to maintain, and same for the reverse case

also these two elements are very close related, I have decided to put them together to talk about it

It's very easy to notice the main character's change of cloth/armor as he advanced through the dungeons

With the fabulous look of costume, weapons, united guild costumes, number of monster designs and beautiful environments

together with the awesome CG to bring them all alive, no doubt they deserve full star rating (・∀・)モエッ

I personally love watching the scenes where Asuna sticks to Kirito in bed (FFF tan(misery sound echo in the air): burn! burn! BURN!

Music / Sound ★★★★★

Despite there ain't many memorable BGMs, the sound effects (especially battle sounds) has filled this small vacancy

The OP/ED songs are very nice too

OP 1 crossing field by LISA

ED 1 Yume Sekai (ユメセカイ) by Tomatsu Haruka (戸松 遥)

OP 2 Innocence by Eir Aoi 藍井 エイル

ED 2 Overfly by Luna Haruna 春奈るな

P.S 戸松遥 does the voice for Asuna (she is one of the people that I like who keeps the jobs of CV and singer, after Mizuki Nana (水樹 奈々)


This is the longest review I have ever written, hope you enjoy it (-ω☆)キラリ

below are sub'ed and raw anime torrents


This is a collection of around 3 weeks daily

no wait, i wasn't being lazy, i have been working my ass off since the vacation (cough)

so here we go


A Christmas event (karaoke) me and like 14 of my friends have been preparing for quite a while

unfortunately, i didn't get to go because the night before i had a sore throat, and the next day a cold that kept me in bed

TES, according to the pictures, they had a gift share, and this is what i wasn't able to give out


the direct translation of the text i wrote literary means to throw away your dignity

meaning to be open, like 'really OPEN' (´・ω・`)


and yes, little while before, the dog i took care of as for like a part-time job

I guess you don't wanna open this blog post and the first thing you see is my face so i moved the order for this one

anyways, i wasn't able to continue dog host because my dad was pissed about floor being scratched by their nails (´;ω;`)


too bad for the products i bought for taking care of dogs, cause i thought i was gonna able to continue it

the reason why i started this is i can able to continue programming for the site while earning some cash to keep the site running

and also, because i love dogs

however, in the end i gave these products for free to my first client


if you were to ask me "you want coffee or tea?" i would definitely say tea

me liking tea has been decades but only recently i purchased full equipment to be a 'real tea drinker' (イェー~)


from left to right: green, black and oolong tea


due to last time i didn't go, so i organized another karaoke

let's start off where we had lunch -> 回転寿司!rotating sushi (a very popular sushi serving method in Japan, but very hard to find it in America, even-though we do have tons of sushi restaurants)

so basically you can pick up whatever you want from the rotating platform, and the price will be counted by the number and color your disks

of course you can order things directly from the waiter like regular restaurants


day view of manhattan


just a demonstration of one of the pages from the karaoke book, you may be able to see the page number if you enlarge the image

they have two books (japanese) like this, total thousands of pages

unlike some modern ktv places that have digital touch machine where you can easily navigate and find songs with other useful settings

this place still uses the traditional (although not that old) way where you have to find song off the book and enter the number yourself

the reason why we came here is this is the only place we can find tons of Jap songs (as it's opened by Japanese people) _(:3 ⌒゙)_


night view of manhattan


supper -> カツ丼 (breaded pork on rice) (in-front of me is udon)


just a day ago, we went to play badminton

lunched at a north korean style hot pot place I usually go

--> (playing badminton) for 5 hours -->

ever since the winter break started, i have been staying home programming for our site

so the lack of doing sport resulted me next day muscle aches (although same thing has been said by the six that went with me)


lastly, dinnered at a BBQ place, plus one friend that bumped in later, 8 of us had to squeeze into one table

and we were battling for cooking spaces, but it was fun


almost forgot to mention, i wrote 2 free plugins(scripts) recently

not a bad download amount for couple days in one site since release (consider it took more than 1 day to be approved)

and i'm quite glad since some of them replied my support topic and thanked me for my work (´・ω・`)











So I have decided to write site development updates before our official releases

and maybe in the future as well, yea~~ (ヽ´ω`)

(probably not all of them, because some i can update immediately in the annoucenment board, but i will write as much as i can)

Been writing the homepage for the past couple days

also fixing some layout issues, just yesterday I grabbed some of the codes I wrote, put into a plugin and released it over to the system site for free (like always)

the wiki (open database) that I have been teasing about is at the finalyzing stage

going to write a tab content bbcode to help member editing the content too (I will also write a resource page regarding how to use it)

and then, back to the shadow (´・ω・`)


Originally from a light novel

Oda nobuna

General ★★★★★

Recommend to those who like me love war genre and battle strategies

The anime sometimes popup some event image as mentioned by our main char(monkey) are from the game Nobunaga no yabou (did Koei(the game maker) dropped some money into it for advertise? I don't know)

the wars make my heart pounding and wanting to play the game again (yes I have killed some great deal of time with it before, it also taught me a lot of sengoko histories) unfortunately it's been sometimes since previous version, no new work yet (sob

Story ★★★★★

Unique and interesting course of events while respecting the historical ending of the Japanese Sengoku era

However, our main char who is from the future, and in favor of Nobuna he prevented some bad events from happening, e.g rescue of Saitou. his move should slightly change the history as we later started seeing some unique events

Most famous characters get female forms in the anime and eventually turn into a pattern when you see a cute enemy, then you know she is gonna turn into our side (or our main char's harem?)

Design ★★★★★

Another thing I love is the illustration and design done by Miyama zero (one of my favorite artists)

Fabulous costumes, character designs and art style

CG ★★★★★

Very nice graphic to set off battle scenes, costumes

as well as keeping the art style with detailed motions

Music ★★★★★

Awesome song and BGMs

OP - "Link" by Aimi

and ED - "Hikari" by Mizuta Makino

Just by looking at the enemies that are still there, there is a lot of room for new season

and I will be glad to see if there is one coming



Originally from a light novel


General ★★★★☆

The battle against god might seem cool but the battle character setting itself is basically retelling the ancient stories of gods (mostly Greek gods)

and this probably can amazes the first time listeners

but I already know majority of the stuff from Philosophy and Global literature classes

Story ★★★☆☆

The golden sword is really a buggy setting

and I personally hate the plot of the 2nd and 3rd followers who hesitate and keep feeling shame for a kiss

especially when it relates to the lives of them and the world

(due to the condition of use of the sword, the main char needs information about the enemy, however, our main char of course doesn't have knowledge of every detail of them so someone has to tell him, but the info amount is huge for telling by mouth or read, thanks to the usability of 'magic' they can be sent instantly, and since Campione resists to magic they have to do it by kiss/internal)

CG ★★★★☆

Battle scenes are good, the power of golden sword just reminds me of Gilgamesh from Fate stay night

and a lot fan-services

Design ★★★★☆

Above average costumes including underwear

Music ★★★☆☆

The first couple listen to the OP may not be noticeable but the melody is pretty good


Some people find religion, but for 16-year-old Godōu Kusanagi, it's religion that's found him! As the result of defeating the God of War in mortal combat, Godōu received the position of Campione, or God Slayer, whose duty is to fight Heretical Gods whenever and wherever they appear and start changing things to suit themselves, usually at the expense of the people in the area. Not only is this likely to make Godōu begin his recognition in Heaven, it's also a job that comes along with a lot of other problems. One of the problems would be to deal with the fact that his "enhanced status" keeps attracting attention and difficult girls. In particular, the demoniacally manipulative sword-mistress Erica Blandelli, who strongly and extremely forwardly expresses her love for him, which usually creates awkward and misunderstood situations for him. (Campione is the Italian word for Champion. Everyone calls God Slayers Campione as the earliest known record describing the Campione was written by an Italian, hence the Italian form is used by everybody regardless of nationality.)

I think there is a second season coming up?

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