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A blog of Eudemon about his daily life and anime

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于是今天去上课顺便去看了一下, 貌似OK

买了3本书, 顺便又入了个会员

(咦? 好像又跳坑了..? 算了)



The road

Originally from novel of same title


General ★★★★★

This is a very good survival, and environmental type movie

It also makes us rethink our environment today

Story ★★★★★

The Earth suffered great disaster (there isn't any detail about the disaster, maybe the book mentioned it a bit)

anyways, it is not about when the disaster happening, it's after the disaster

no more crops, plants, people started to eat people because of starvation

The story is about a journey of a father and his son heading south and to the coast trying to survive

CG/Music/some scenes ★★★☆☆


An unnamed father and his young son journey across a grim post-apocalyptic landscape, some years after a major unexplained cataclysm has destroyed civilization and most life on Earth. The land is filled with ash and devoid of living animals and vegetation. Many of the remaining human survivors have resorted to cannibalism, scavenging the detritus of city and country alike for flesh. The boy's mother, pregnant with him at the time of the disaster, gave up hope and committed suicide some time before the story begins, despite the father's pleas. Much of the book is written in the third person, with references to "the father" and "the son" or to "the man" and "the boy".

Realizing that they would not survive the oncoming winter where they are, the father takes the boy south along empty roads towards the sea, carrying their meager possessions in their knapsacks and in a supermarket cart. The man coughs blood from time to time and eventually realizes he is dying, yet still struggles to protect his son from the constant threats of attack, exposure, and starvation.

They have a revolver, but only two rounds. The boy has been told to use the gun on himself if necessary to avoid falling into the hands of cannibals. During their trek, the father uses one bullet to kill a man who stumbles upon them and poses a grave threat. Fleeing from the man's companions, they have to abandon most of their possessions. As they are near death from starvation, the man finds an unlooted underground bunker filled with food and other necessities. However, it is too exposed, so they only stay a few days.

In the face of these obstacles, the man repeatedly reassures the boy that they are "the good guys" who are "carrying the fire". On their journey, the duo scrounge for food, evade roving bands, and contend with horrors such as a newborn infant roasted on a spit, and captives being gradually harvested as food.

Although the man and the boy eventually reach the sea, their situation does not improve. They head back inland, but the man succumbs to an illness. Before he dies, the father tells the boy that he can continue to speak with him in his imagination after he is gone. The boy holds wake over the corpse for days, with no idea of what to do next.

On the third day, the grieving boy encounters a man who says he has been tracking the pair. The man, who has a woman and two children of his own, a boy and a girl, convinces the boy that he is one of the "good guys" and takes him under his protection.



结果中病毒了, 全屏的warning, 连system manager都不能打开

无奈只好log off然后等后台程式关得差不多的时候点取消


因为不想乱搞registry的文件..果断重装(当然是保留文件那个),把boot option设置为DISC优先


结果format drive之后卡在reinstall里,一直维持在0%不动...等了一个下午还是一样结果...




我所有资料, 文件, 网站程式, 编程, 歌...等等..全没了!! (要是知道就会事先备份一下)

哈哈哈啊哈哈.....哈哈哈哈!! (有句话说的真对, 人遇到非常震惊的大事之后结果会大笑...)


Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo


Title in English is translated "Children who chase lost voices"


General ★★★★★

was debating between 4 and 5, maybe i should make a 4.5 lol

while i was reading the staff list in the end, i noticed Makoto Shinkai (Director) pop up in multiple sections

hard worker hey, his works are really decent and meaningful

Story ★★★★★

The story is pushed by the nostalgia of living people to those who passed away

Character&Creature Design ★★★☆☆

For characters, I guess it is more toward public(the masses), people who used to watch Anime may feel it's not detail enough

For creatures, well, fair..

CG ★★★★★

Just like any other makoto's work, the CG is incredibly good

Easy to follow through, pretty well done for the length of a movie

Music ★★★★☆

BGM good, but not incredibly noticeable

The ending song is pretty decent as well - "Hello Goodbye & Hello" by Anri Kumaki

The lyrics of the song is also pretty matching the story


The story centers on Asuna, a girl who spends her solitary days listening to the mysterious music emanating from the crystal radio she received from her father as a memento. However, she embarks on a journey of adventure to meet a boy again, and thus comes to know the cruelty and beauty of the world, as well as loss.

Be careful when trading with someone in game

I just got scammed for 1 million gold

And then I went search in the forum, found that

people can use 3rd party scrip to remove item from trade window when it is finalized (or before) by fast switching

the trade system is not suppose to let one able to use 3rd party script to remove (fast switching) item after accept button is clicked

thus this is a game's technical issue

Just submitted a ticket, hope they will restore or just rollback my account (each account is limited to 2 rollbacks)

meanwhile, ima continue working on the site

good luck everyone



and before the game had infinite copy weapon/armor, auction house bugs

plus bunch botting/hacking/gold farmer we already know

the scam happened yesterday right after i talked to a friend that's about to quit the game, funny thing is i told him that "i'm hooked to it since diablo 1&2, even it is failing i want to see it til the end with my own eye"

but now it just makes me sign



i got a reply from bliz, all he said was apologize/thanks, and bunch useless info, and not even mention what to do with the cheater

i shot them a reply saying that doesn't solve my issue, and the cheater should be punished since i'm not the only one fallen into his victim

and then they replied said that they can't do anything restoration or rollback (kool, my gold is forever gone)

and sound like they may do some action to that cheater but today i log in n see he is still online (yeah, rly?)

double sign..


Based off a true story

General ★★★★☆


Story ★★★★☆

Heart touching story, watched with my mom and she just cried through

I dislike the way of showing when they found the dogs in the film but other than that, it's pretty decent movie

Special effect ★★★☆☆

They did have some special effect for the earthquake and dog falling etc

Not bad, and not good, unlike most hollywood movies, this is story based film, so yeah... doesn't really matter a lot

Music ★★★★☆

In my opinion, it has one good bgm and ending song


A Tale of Mari and the Three Puppies (Mari to koinu no monogatari) starts with a puppy, Mari, a Shiba Inu, being taken in by a family which recently has lost its mother. A year later she herself has three puppies, just in time for a major earthquake which strikes the mountain village where she lives. Although valiant herself in trying to rescue the family‘s grandfather, there is no choice but to leave her behind in the evacuation.

The film follows her adventures as well as those of the two children to whom she belongs during two long and arduous weeks of separation.



General ★★★★☆

Originally from a manga

for both seasons


Story ★★★★☆

It's fun to watch, good for pass time

Not decent setting, background

just about daily restaurant lives of some inordinate workers

Graphic ★★★★★

Done well for display some detail movements

for example, skirt will move/flutter when character bend, too bad they don't show pantsu (nose bleed

Design ★★★★☆

The staff clothes are ok, and different sets of clothes when they're out

Music ★☆☆☆☆

No BGM(or nothing i can recall), and some ed/op are bad

One of the selling point of this anime is definitely moe

but the op/ed especially in the second second overdid it

Fun ★★★★☆

CV ★★★★☆


Set in a family restaurant in Hokkaido, the northern prefecture of Japan, 16-year-old high school student Souta Takanashi works part-time along with his strange co-workers: Popura Taneshima, a high school girl who's a year older than Souta, yet easily mistaken for an elementary/middle schooler, and Kyoko Shirafuji, the 28-year old store manager who doesn't bother to do any work at all.

Diablo 3!

The game was marked as shipped today midnight

and by the time I got home from college it already arrived! (only took half day with free 2 day shipping)


My battletag is Eudemon#1739

if you wanna add me and play together


Title translated into English would be:

"Bunny drop"

Originally from manga, has an Anime

General ★★★★☆


Story ★★★★☆

A recommend for those who like warm movie

Being a movie, there are a lot of scenes got cutoff, I think the length of a movie is too short to tell the warmth of this work

That's why I like the Anime better

Music ★★★☆☆

The insert song really sucks

They use the same ending song in the movie as for the Anime, quite an aftertaste

It is a good song, especially the lyrics


The film is about Daikichi, an unmarried office worker with no girlfriend, who ends up living with the six-year-old illegitimate child of his dead grandfather. This girl is called Rin, and Daikichi suddenly declares that he will raise her himself while his relatives discuss arrangements to put her in a foster home.

Title translated into English would be:

"The recollection of a pilot", Wiki and ANN use "The Princess and the Pilot"

General ★★★★☆


Story ★★★★☆

Usually people that are watching this movie would think the pilot will successfully NTR the prince's princess

The pilot decided to let the princess go even though she wanted to stay with him (C'mon pilot boy)

(The story would be more romantic if it was the opposite, but this ending does leave us some surprises)

I personally don't like the setting of half-blood of two races being the lowest status of the society but racism does happen in life... well

Fight ★★★★☆

This is one reason why this product is good for movie not anime series

The flight fights are very cool, but there are limited strategies you can use

people will get get bored from watching same fight scenes for a while

Minus point on when he dodges bullets shooting from tens(can't remember the exact number) of enemy planes

just same scenes repeat over and over

Design ★★★★☆

Character design is more toward reality. Unlike some anime fans, I don't dislike this drawing style, that's why I like Bakuman's as well

To the Loli-cons - ahah, not your steak

Music ★★★☆☆

Nothing to talk about


As a beautiful daughter of the noble family del Moral, Fana was proposed by Prince Carlo, who is the crown prince of their country Levamme. However, since Levamme is at war with Amatsuvian, the marriage had to wait until the war ends. Meanwhile, as a bestado, the lowest caste in Levamme, Charles had always dreamed of flying and eventually became the ace pilot of the air force. Although he was often mistreated, a glorious chance came about when the Amatsuvian bombarded del Moral's home in order to get rid of the future empress. Charles was then entrusted with the top secret mission of delivering the princess to the prince.

today I was reading bakuman manga on my bed with an improper pose

and because I was too concentrated into the book I ended up sprained my shoulder

right now the shoulder is expose with unguent on it, maybe i should continue with the manga and sprain my other shoulder to make it balance XD (joking


Finally bought one piece 1~64 volumes (all brand new sealed)(wanted for a long time, yes one piece is an amazing Anime)

and also 10+ posters

gave me some hard time to carry all these back home


ordered a special made for manga bookshelf today as well

slots enough for 770 manga

plus the one i have right now, space enough for 1040 (when double layered)

that means, by the time I filled my two bookshelves I will have almost 2k manga books!! (that will be one of my short term goal for now!)

(one is alrdy full, the other one when arrived will be 10% full aswell, gonna add more bookshelf later on)

I feel great accomplishment


I got a call few days ago from one of the bookstores I usually go to

said they will be closing down the store so all manga are on sale now (hard to do business these days hey

btw the sale is 30% off everything

So today after exam I went to buy a camera that I wanted for a while and the bookstore (they import Taiwanese edition manga)

new Camera test


Bakuman 1~16

Sakura Hime Kaden 1~5,7 missing 6 (added to my missing list lol)

Also asked them to keep the One Piece complete volumes (up until now), probably gonna go grab them tomorrow and maybe something else too

I will post an update tomorrow

this is my current bookshelf (two layered books)



Installed latest nvidia video card upgrade, the install screen was featuring diablo3, which made me more excited

just tested it with battle field 3 that i haven't touched for months, looked good

idk when they upgraded my alienware software, during the game-play, my FX light changed according to the health, looked cool

before the diablo3 arrives i needa fix one more issue - my internet randomly gets disconnected

this issue is caused by when they decorate my floor, somehow those people messed up the wire :(

anyways, if you wanna play together, leave a comment or shoot me a pm ;)


update: yup, relocated my internet box looks like it's fixed now, ready to rock and roll



General ★★★★★

Re-watching this anime in the past few days, pretty old but very good anime

btw im trying to purchase the complete manga series of this anime


Story ★★★★★

This is neither a romantic nor hot-blooded story

but rather slow pace and bit fair tale that calms your heart

I love the final ending scene when Akari stares and smiles at Ai while she took a bit of breakfast when Ai first started working in Aria company

and Arishia did the same exact thing to Akari back then when she first came.

It indicates how things go around and achieve its mature states and around in a circle back to the new generation

Graphic ★★★★★

Might not comparable to today's graphic but back then it's very good

it also improved a lot in later season

btw the landscapes are a plus point

Design ★★★★☆

I like their uniforms

and the design of the city

Music ★★★★☆

Nothing to say about BGM but

the opening song and insert song of the first season have magnificent enchantments to the Anime

Undine & Symphony - both by Makino Yui

Especially the OP song plays while showing landscapes of AQUA or scenes of people getting ready to work

It has other good songs as well (why i gave it 4 stars? because this is for general music rating)

Warm your heart ★★★★★

CV ★★★★☆


Aqua and Aria take place in the early 24th century, starting in 2301 AD, in the city of Neo-Venezia on the planet Aqua—formerly Mars, which was renamed after being terraformed into a habitable planet covered in oceans around 150 years ago.[4] Neo-Venezia, based on Venice in both architecture and atmosphere,[5] is a harbor city of narrow canals instead of streets, traveled by unmotorized gondolas.[6]

At the start of Aqua, a young woman named Akari arrives from Manhome [sic] (formerly Earth) to become a trainee gondolier with Aria Company, one of the three most prestigious water-guide companies in the city. Her dream is to become an undine, a gondolier who acts as tour guide (see Terms below). As she trains, Akari befriends her mentor Alicia, trainees and seniors from rival companies - Aika, Alice, Akira and Athena and others characters in the Neo-Venezia city. Aqua covers Akari's arrival on Aqua and her early training as a Pair, or apprentice, while Aria continues her training as a Single, or journeyman, culminating in the graduation of her, Aika, and Alice as full Prima undines.

Each chapter is a slice of life episode of Akari's exploration of the worlds of gondoliering, Neo-Venezia, and Aqua itself.[5] Amano frequently uses several pages of lush art to depict an environment, showing the wonder of both everyday activities as well as one-of-a-kind events. It has been described by reviewers as very similar in tone and effect to Yokohama Kaidashi Kikō


First of all, the reviews and ratings are based on my personal opinion

you may have a different view, so please don't throw up and break something if you disagree lol

All the reviews have delays, because i like to wait until Anime finished airing and then watch them all at once

(unless it's One Piece, I know, it's great, bought the manga's too)

Basically I watch Animes of one season earlier than Japan's playback time (sometimes more)

it's just a headache to keep track of whole bunch single episodes every week isn't it? well, not if you have a lot of free time

Comments are welcome


Just done with BD version (yes, the holy light removed version)

General ★★★★☆

Originally from a galgame


Story ★★★★☆

A boy escaped harmful memory from his young life which caused him divided into 4 personalities

Not an old-fashioned plot, at least won't make you bored

The jokes from when he is in Chitose mode are quite joyful

Though i don't really like the scenes where he went back (escaped) to the video game

the people's reactions to the hero are childish, but it does make sense cause it's from a rpg video game

In the end all personalities joint together

Pantsu ★★★★★

A recommend for the Pantsu-cons like me

Graphic ★★★★☆

Design ★★★☆☆

I would say this type of drawing is not my favorite, the characters' outlines somehow make you feel the same

Music ★★★★☆

Songs are good, I especially like the insert songs from

ep 9 - Pray and OVA - Sky Sanctuary

both by 橋本みゆき

CV ★★★★☆


It's winter in the big city of Yanagihara, and young people will meet and fall in love. Takashi is a boy who plans to escape to another world, but is held back by thoughts of his younger sister Kobato and girlfriend Asuka. Shusuke is a poor part-timer who has to work with student-author Hiyoko in spite of their initial dislike for each other. The antisocial Hayato makes his living as a handyman until he is visited by a girl named Naru.

General ★★★☆☆

based on a light novel


Story ★★☆☆☆

The plot is bit childish, and boring, the hero goes out save everyone and punish all bad guys type

Every time when I done with an episode there wasn't any desire to make me want to continue

that's why this Anime took me so long to finished

Not to mention the "cursed tools" are too buggy

BTW I talking about the Anime only, haven't read the light novel so it might be different

Music ★★★☆☆

It did a good job on having two theme songs for a one season Anime, the songs are not bad either

but, the BGM is where points are taken off

by the time I done with the Anime, I can't recall any background music melodies

Pantsu ★★★★★

A recommend for Pantsu-cons

Graphic ★★★★☆

The graphic for most part is ok, but they did do lazy jobs on some parts

for example, boob shakes and doll moves etc...

Design ★★★★☆

A plus point, character designs are more toward Loli-cons

CV ★★★★☆


A school battle action & love comedy with ecchi elements. Yachi Haruaki is a high school boy and naturally resistant to curses. His father, Honatsu, sends him cursed instruments called "Worse" to try to break this. One day, Haruaki receives a black cube from Honatsu. During the night, he encounters a naked silver haired girl stealing rice crackers. She is the human-form of the black cube, an instrument of torture called "Fear in Cube". Haruaki and the girl 'Fear' fight together against other 'Worse' instruments and their owners using Fear's 32 mechanisms of torture.

A lecture

Professor : You are a Christian, aren’t you, son ?

Student : Yes, sir.

Professor: So, you believe in GOD ?

Student : Absolutely, sir.

Professor : Is GOD good ?

Student : Sure.

Professor: Is GOD all powerful ?

Student : Yes.

Professor: My brother died of cancer even though he prayed to GOD to heal him. Most of us would attempt to help others who are ill. But GOD didn’t. How is this GOD good then? Hmm?

(Student was silent.)

Professor: You can’t answer, can you ? Let’s start again, young fella. Is GOD good?

Student : Yes.

Professor: Is satan good ?

Student : No.

Professor: Where does satan come from ?

Student : From … GOD …

Professor: That’s right. Tell me son, is there evil in this world?

Student : Yes.

Professor: Evil is everywhere, isn’t it ? And GOD did make everything. Correct?

Student : Yes.

Professor: So who created evil ?

(Student did not answer.)

Professor: Is there sickness? Immorality? Hatred? Ugliness? All these terrible things exist in the world, don’t they?

Student : Yes, sir.

Professor: So, who created them ?

(Student had no answer.)

Professor: Science says you have 5 Senses you use to identify and observe the world around you. Tell me, son, have you ever seen GOD?

Student : No, sir.

Professor: Tell us if you have ever heard your GOD?

Student : No , sir.

Professor: Have you ever felt your GOD, tasted your GOD, smelt your GOD? Have you ever had any sensory perception of GOD for that matter?

Student : No, sir. I’m afraid I haven’t.

Professor: Yet you still believe in Him?

Student : Yes.

Professor : According to Empirical, Testable, Demonstrable Protocol, Science says your GOD doesn’t exist. What do you say to that, son?

Student : Nothing. I only have my faith.

Professor: Yes, faith. And that is the problem Science has.

Student : Professor, is there such a thing as heat?

Professor: Yes.

Student : And is there such a thing as cold?

Professor: Yes.

Student : No, sir. There isn’t.

(The lecture theater became very quiet with this turn of events.)

Student : Sir, you can have lots of heat, even more heat, superheat, mega heat, white heat, a little heat or no heat. But we don’t have anything called cold. We can hit 458 degrees below zero which is no heat, but we can’t go any further after that. There is no such thing as cold. Cold is only a word we use to describe the absence of heat. We cannot measure cold. Heat is energy. Cold is not the opposite of heat, sir, just the absence of it.

(There was pin-drop silence in the lecture theater.)

Student : What about darkness, Professor? Is there such a thing as darkness?

Professor: Yes. What is night if there isn’t darkness?

Student : You’re wrong again, sir. Darkness is the absence of something. You can have low light, normal light, bright light, flashing light. But if you have no light constantly, you have nothing and its called darkness, isn’t it? In reality, darkness isn’t. If it is, well you would be able to make darkness darker, wouldn’t you?

Professor: So what is the point you are making, young man ?

Student : Sir, my point is your philosophical premise is flawed.

Professor: Flawed ? Can you explain how?

Student : Sir, you are working on the premise of duality. You argue there is life and then there is death, a good GOD and a bad GOD. You are viewing the concept of GOD as something finite, something we can measure. Sir, Science can’t even explain a thought. It uses electricity and magnetism, but has never seen, much less fully understood either one. To view death as the opposite of life is to be ignorant of the fact that death cannot exist as a substantive thing.

Death is not the opposite of life: just the absence of it. Now tell me, Professor, do you teach your students that they evolved from a monkey?

Professor: If you are referring to the natural evolutionary process, yes, of course, I do.

Student : Have you ever observed evolution with your own eyes, sir?

(The Professor shook his head with a smile, beginning to realize where the argument was going.)

Student : Since no one has ever observed the process of evolution at work and cannot even prove that this process is an on-going endeavor. Are you not teaching your opinion, sir? Are you not a scientist but a preacher?

(The class was in uproar.)

Student : Is there anyone in the class who has ever seen the Professor’s brain?

(The class broke out into laughter. )

Student : Is there anyone here who has ever heard the Professor’s brain, felt it, touched or smelt it? No one appears to have done so. So, according to the established Rules of Empirical, Stable, Demonstrable Protocol, Science says that you have no brain, sir. With all due respect, sir, how do we then trust your lectures, sir?

(The room was silent. The Professor stared at the student, his face unfathomable.)

Professor: I guess you’ll have to take them on faith, son.

Student : That is it sir … Exactly ! The link between man & GOD is FAITH. That is all that keeps things alive and moving.


I believe you have enjoyed the conversation. And if so, you’ll probably want your friends / colleagues to enjoy the same, won’t you?

Forward this to increase their knowledge … or FAITH.

By the way, that student was EINSTEIN.



General ★★★★★

Originally from a light novel

Fight Scenes ★★★★★

my first impression of the anime is the fight style so special

unlike many other anime's fight scenes, you will never get tired of watching this

each character has one or more unique fighting systems, for example: dance system, enshrine, lance, money etc...

some have mouse, summons like mare, slime?, Qgirls etc...

and special weapon types call Taizai Buso and Shinkaku Buso

here are my top 3 fights


Aoi Kimi (Dance system) VS Honda Futayo (Lance system)

this is the first anime i've ever seen uses a "dance" in fight

the DJ version of passing song rocks > <

with Futayo using Shinkaku Buso: Tonbokiri <-- don't you think this name is so cool! Ton-Bo-KiRi


Oriotorai Makiko VS Student Group

well, this is the first episode, basically show the diversity of their fighting systems

Oritorai is the class' homeroom teacher, well skilled to where she is called a "real amazon"


Kazuno VS Musashi

kazuno (servant of the Honda family, with Honda wife's soul?) - A robot that has antlers on the head

has unique skill of control gravitation force


Design ★★★★☆

Best pet - Asama Tomo's mouse (cute post: applaud)

Graphic ★★★★★

A graphic that catches up their fights

Music ★★★★★

Definitely love the background soundtrack by Tatsuya Katou (i went search for music work done by this guy cause of this anime)

also the ending theme song (the one that starts with mouses) is very good too

Story ★★★★☆

If you haven't watch this anime yet, i recommend read the light novel first

or prepare to get lost XD

That's the end of my review, see you guys on second season


In the far future, humans abandon a devastated Earth and traveled to outer space. However, due to unknown phenomenon that prevents them from traveling into space, humanity returns to Earth only to find it inhospitable except for Japan. To accommodate the entire human population, pocket dimensions are created around Japan to house in the populace. In order to find a way to return to outer space, the humans began reenacting human history according to the Holy Book Testament. But in the year 1413 of the Testament Era, the nations of the pocket dimensions invade and conquer Japan, dividing the territory into feudal fiefdoms and forcing the original inhabitants of Japan to leave. It is now the year 1648 of the Testament Era, the refugees of Japan now live in the city ship Musashi, where it constantly travels around Japan while being watched by the Testament Union, the authority that runs the re-enactment of history. However, rumors of an apocalypse and war begins to spread when the Testament stops revealing what happens next after 1648. Taking advantage of this situation, Tori Aoi, head of Musashi Ariadust Academy's Supreme Federation and President of the student council, leads his fellow classmates to use this opportunity to regain their homeland.

greenhouses inside, serving all kinds of plants from all over the world

IMG 1116 1600x1200

IMG 1119 1600x1200

purposely covered my eyes

yeah that's me (face blush

IMG 1121 1600x1200

IMG 1123 1600x1200

IMG 1126 1600x1200

doing that for no reason

IMG 1127 1600x1200

IMG 1128 1600x1200

IMG 1129 1600x1200

IMG 1131 1600x1200

IMG 1132 1600x1200

it is more like featured toward Japan

IMG 1135 1600x1200

IMG 1137 1600x1200

IMG 1140 1600x1200

IMG 1141 1600x1200

IMG 1145 1600x1200

IMG 1146 1600x1200

finally the sakura park, it wasn't fully blossoming yet

if you go there now should be fully blossoming

IMG 1149 1600x1200

IMG 1150 1600x1200

IMG 1151 1600x1200

IMG 1160 1600x1200

sleep under a sakura tree was one of my dream (accomplished! ^_^

IMG 1155

The Titanic pose (gay version) (hey don't look at me like that, i'm not gay!!

just doing it for fun, it actually was my friend's idea

IMG 1169 1600x1200

IMG 1175 1600x1200

IMG 1176 1600x1200

went to the Indian American museum in Manhattan (for no reason (because it is there (yeah

IMG 1182 1600x1200

IMG 1183 1600x1200

IMG 1184 1600x1200

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