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Anime & manga reviews + draws and some random stuffs na?

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K Project [Review]

K - Review

I just watched this anime, i was waiting for it since the announcement and with expectations. These were exceeded?


Story ✯✯✯✯

Certainly K has a intrigued story, you find yourself following actions that will lead you to the "what's going on", not the whole story but to get the moment. In this advanced society, beyond the not so political presence, the world is influenced by seven kings, each king posses a color that define his powers, level and kind, in some of the cases their mystical personalities. Those kings have vassals, they may be blessed with power to help the cause, their intentions: some raw, some mysterious. Seems like those kings also belong to a unique group with their people, that sets the rules of ones with unnatural powers, which they must respect and be apart from involving the innocent people, after all the kings fight each other for many reasons. That's when one of our main character, Shiro, make appearance, he, undoubtedly being involved in a crime, chosen to be the target of one of the most violent king, the Red king. But he's not the only one looking for him. In This story you don't know what's going on till the very last episodes.

Characters ✯✯✯✯✯

This is one of those series that doesn't start by "hello my name is x, and I am x" as the story begins in the middle of something, same happens with the characters so the first thing you know about them is what they do. Is a lot of characters to start with, hard to know or judge at first sight but it definitely influence you, at the end of the first moment you want to know more about them. I think the characters are easy to read at least their intention but not what they want. Kings, vassals, students, and a neko girl. Some characters wear the cliché, but in a good way, some other just brake the cliché, they are just not what you think they are. With some others you really can't tell what's going on with them, their reason behind.

Art ✯✯✯✯✯

I've never look for quality in animation, hard to say that some anime series can surpass that, why's that? I think is not just about improving animation and details, I think is also about what are you showing and the way animations does, that combined with the story telling is a team winner. The design & background of this anime is amazingly beautiful you feel how the society in K is visually advanced and engaged with it. I especially like the way it shows you the characters, you can tell that the situation and actions are normal although during that event, something else is happening out of normal, there is when how slowly shows you the supernatural powers and how are they being managed at the same time introducing the characters, dialogues, and more questions, about the story.

One of my favorites moments is when the personages are involved with the dusks, morning, closed spaces, the light is just so much beautiful the mix of light with colors and the reflections, is not the most detailed animation, is just simply nice to see that kind of effect all over them.

Sound ✯✯✯✯✯

I liked the sound, when the character's showing, fighting or in those minutes of climax of the plot, there's always a exciting music or song molding the instant. During the fights, the music, a theme song does not hold back to embrace the moment. The sound effects are impressive, since the fighting requires a precise execution with the length, effect and that combined with the animation is very enjoyable. Overall the soundtrack is always in harmony with the humor of the plot and characters. The voice acting is delightful! some of my favorites seiyuu were there, so many talent in this K project and that was a pleasing surprise.

Enjoyment ✯✯✯✯✯

Having expectations is not good at all, but is not about knowing what you want to see, is about to expect full enjoyment, then somehow something will impress you. That's how I feel about K, except for the trailer I didn't knew anything, but was enough. I really enjoy this one, I could not stop, I watched every episode one after another, nonstop! although is a anime filled mysteries and a kind mythology, is not heavy to watch, easy to devour. I think is helps that part of the first episodes is basically a persecution and you feel part of it, chasing to get rid of that incertitude around the characters.

Overall ✯✯✯✯

is a very nice anime, filled with a intrigued plot where you think you figured what's going on, everything twist more and more, so many characters to enjoy, girl and boys as well, even the less important personage is very nice, I remember this student declaring his love so passionately to the girl who's friend of one of the main characters, and you can see that move a couple of times, so cute, making both of them blushing each time they face each other during the whole series, kyaa.

I had so much fun with K I do recommend this to anyone who likes supernatural powers, where you can find personages with the most sadist fighting face to the most cute and clumsy personage. Is a story about pride, lost, power, loyalty, mysticism and friendship.

Please take a look to this gallery with screenshots of K ->


Potato croquettes :3

Hello! in this little small petit blog entry I would like to share a food recipe, easy to prepare easy to eat, well of course is easy to eat! you open your mouth aaaaand the rest of it.

Well the true reason is that Eudemon is always posting those yummy food pictures and makes me angry (and hungry!) so I want to post some too, though I did this one, don't expect too muchI took the photo with my phone.

This is a simple dish of potato croquettes with ham and tamagoyaki, well a kind of tamagoyaki with white cheese, oh yes sweet tamagoyaki!

So enjoy! and if is possible u.u envy my dish x'DD ñyahahaan~

potato Croquette   tamagoyaki 1

potato Croquette   tamagoyaki 2

Ingredients for potato croquettes:



lil bit of hot milk



Bread crumbs

1 egg




you have to make a Mashed potato first, a regular Mashed potato and with any mix you want, I use the simpler one with butter and milk and little pieces of ham. how to make a mashed potato? come on.. boil some potatoes, after that, take the skin off (like an egg) smash, smash, smash!! while doing that add salt, milk, butter and ham, (cheese if you want or whatever!) mix all of it, and some Bread crumbs as well. then make some balls, or bullets. Ah yeah! before doing the balls, prepare two container one with the egg (mixed) and another one with a lot of Bread crumbs, then make your balls! add them into the egg (revolve) then to the Bread crumb (revolve again) use forks because anyway is going to get all dirty. put all the potato balls on a dish and fry them, not using much oil. You can make a salsa if you want to. that's up to you. and eat! :3

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