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  1. Thanks
  2. [glow=red,2,300]Note: You are not going to do anything, just answer if you can don't worry, Ill learn to do things my self![/glow] How do i set up Joomla as the home page, and once you click on the forums tab, it will be like: www.yourdomain.com/forums/ ? Please tell me if you can. thank you
  3. Nice work Eudemon, Sweet updates there ;)
  4. yes yes, i will do it tomorow than kyou so much randy you can lock it now :)
  5. okey i sent u info trough MSN, look ive mesed up the themes, ive uplaoded 2 of em trying to delete 1 of em my net isslow today so it gues slow, can u delete these and add a nnomral default themes folder?, ty if u fix it even if u try ;)
  6. well look at the website i sent u link trough msn it looks like weird without any theme S: and yes theme defaul and core isndie it :S
  7. I did do it, its doing the same problem itsl ike no-reason.. might be uploading mistakes?
  8. i didnt touch anything on my old site, its probably the admins, thank you for that tellm ill tell & warn them I dont need help with that anymore i just need help with this: What is Install path: ? EDIT: Error! Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ';', expecting ')' in /home/vhosts/zaldumscape.freevar.com/Sources/Subs.php on line 4075 subs.php file: http://pastebin.com/RrZLF3Ew what is the error here? :S now is it line 4071.. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ';', expecting ')' in /home/vhosts/zaldumscape.freevar.com/Sources/Subs.php on line 4071
  9. Hello randy, well I feel bad bothering you about this now, but nobody is willing to help me with resolving this problem, Well i am opening a new website, i selected the free host byethost, but i am having a problem, i've uploaded like 4 times and i get the same error like the website wont load it just says Index of \. All i can offer you see graphic support well i think i got much better, more with 3ds (no cinema 4d), but yea you can feel free to ask me to make you one and test me out. also i will\ or you will post your Advertisement banner on my website and the one on rapture stays how is it. the things I need help with: *Uploading the SMF files. *Install SMF Basically, get it ready to run as a real forum i mean, get it ready so i can administrate it. Thank you very much if you could do this for me, I really respect it, Thank you for every help from you, Regards, Jony ;)
  10. thank you sir! rep++
  11. no backup:/
  12. randy, I edited a member group, puta invaild code and it fucked up the hole page i cna not edit any mebmer gruop :/ please take a look ogin to my account if u can and if u could fix it manually from the files if u cant just tell me what file it located at? the member groups?
  13. Hello i would like to change my fav icon on my smf 2.0 can i have some help just tutorial me on how to change it so i will know? thanks!
  14. Okey, I need help setting my header, i dont want to adversite , you know my Website url already. What i want: I have a header image its like 4 to 6 parts that builing the header image. I want it to be 1 header image that ive made: Banner.png can u change it in the coding side and set it up so it will work like i want it ?:) thanks!!