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  1. Right I get I got 3 jobs some pay better than others~ lol If your interested in doing it for payment send me a PM. I am not like in a serious rush or anything but does need to be done.
  2. Well I am going to see if someone is interested for money on SMF then ok tc~
  3. Are you back to offering support?
  4. OK Well I see later as this will take me a while go through anyways.....
  5. OK I did not think so. ------------------------ I am going to need help updating my mods. I will get the ones updated I can first. So do I need to uninstall before I update?
  6. I have a couple questions. To update a mod I need to uninstall the old one? The package manager says all my mods are up todate but I know that is not true. Is there something I have to do get the package manager to check for latest versions?
  7. Oh someone might need graphics though~ I can help someone else who doesn't have someone. I don't mind pay it forward. I am kinda poor myself lol Hopefully that can change soon~
  8. Thank you so much! I been so busy myself! I want to pay it forward some how I think I will offer a free graphic up! Someone always needs help with graphics a way to pay it forward and I create some awesome graphics! I will be back shortly with some more issues I am having. Your so awesome!
  9. Still haven't messed with this CSS doing an online fund raiser for autism tomorrow hopefully we can raise some serious monies(last fund raiser we raised almost $5,000 for AIDS babies. Did the thank o matic install not go so good? OK not sure when I will be back to check this maybe tomorrow night but probably monday on mondays and tuesdays all day. Thanks a lot. R88
  10. I haven't messed with the CSS yet been working the shop mod omg I love that mod~
  11. OK great! Ty. I will work on the CSS issues a bit later have to work for a bit. Now I see I am having another with the quick reply box but I havent even had time to look at what that is doing yet.
  12. Thanks for your help but I have to give this a rest for tonight. I also need help with one more mod just found this mod and I have to have it! But of course a few test failed. I will work on this again tomorrow night.
  13. Cant find that string in the CSS file
  14. Nope I must be doing it wrong some how.
  15. OK not getting this to work....