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Found 1 result

  1. A new homepage?

    Recently I tried with flash, but failed If I ever gonna go about changing the homepage, it will be responsive (meaning it will support tablets and smartphones) However, since there are limitations using our own framework, the homepage may (yes, may or may not) use a completely different stand alone page while the rest of the site remain unchanged Speaking of our own framework, I will try apply it to our music system once I have time, not sure about how it will go since the setup structure is so different (but, trying is better than not trying) The other issue we have is, the current home-page size is too big Although we have tab content for you to switch around views, but the content that was hidden are loaded when the page is loaded this slows down the overall speed to change this, I am thinking about using AJAX technology, which will display a type of block similar to what we have right now but all the other tabs except the main one will not load all at once, instead, it will only load when you click on it this, picks up the load speed dramatically P.S I have two jobs this summer, and now getting my third job, so busy XD