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Found 51 results

  1. [170329] OVA「デジモンアドベンチャー tri.」キャラクターソング「デジモン編」 Size: 101mb Format: mp3 / 320kbps Track List: ----------DOWNLOAD---------- un sf
  2. (C88) [PolyphonicBranch] 蒼炎哀歌 Format:mp3,320kbs Size: 74.5mb password→op@ Track List: 十六夜ライオンハート 落日の約束 残光エターナル 虎狐一閃 (inst) 殉愛花 終焉のソリチュード ホロホロ鳥 三条の夢は夜に静む (inst) 追想サマーレイン 華吹雪 ウォルピスカーター DL:
  3. Like the title says, you can just say something like song name - artist (e.g "Memories - ローラ"), now let the building start
  4. [160622] TVアニメ「マクロスΔ」オリジナルサウンドトラック1 [第6, 8, 10話挿入歌収録] Format: mp3,320kbs Size: 163mb Track List: 01 A.D.2067 02 一度だけの恋なら~TVサイズ~/歌:ワルキューレ 03 Immelmann Dance 04 Happiness☆ 05 ごりごり 06 Welcome to Walkure World 07 ヴァール 08 オーラ・サーラ~光る風~/歌:ハインツ(メロディー チューバック) 09 空中騎士団 10 憧れ 11 Melody 12 ルンピカ 13 クラゲ音頭/歌:フレイア△鈴木みのり、△東山奈央、△西田望見(from ワルキューレ 14 裸喰娘娘の唄 (ヨミ:らぐにゃんにゃん) 15 ワルキューレの休日 16 せつないサンセット 17 ザルド・ヴァーサ!~決意の風~/歌:ハインツ(メロディー チューバック) 18 Dog Fight 19 Jellyfish 20 Uncontrolled 21 Tsubasa 22 悲しき戦場 23 Crisis 24 Analysis 25 Dark Empire 26 Platoon Delta 27 Xaos 28 Rhapsody in C Minor 29 Brave Wind 30 ルンがピカッと光ったら~TVサイズ~/歌:ワルキューレ Composed by Saeko Suzuki & TOMISIRO (1,3,5,9,10,14,18,19,20,26,27) Mina Kubota (4,7,11,16,21,23,24,25,29) Umuya Aneta, Saeko Suzuki & TOMISIRO (6) Minoru Komorita, Saeko Suzuki & TOMISIRO (12) Minoru Komorita & Mina Kubota (15) Yusuke Kato & Mina Kubota (22) Yusuke Kato (28) DL: un 1 2 ur 1 2 df 1 2 FLAC+CUE version Size: 382mb DL: un 1 2 3 4 ur 1 2 3 4 rg 1 2 3 4
  5. [160511] TVアニメ「カードファイト!! ヴァンガードG ストライドゲート編」OPテーマ「SHOUT!」/宮野真守 (320K) Format:mp3,320kbs Size: 30.8mb password→op@ Track List: 01 SHOUT! 02 RINNE 03 UPSIDE DOWN DL:
  6. [160309] TVアニメ「この素晴らしい世界に祝福を!」キャラクターソングアルバム「唄う我らに臨時報酬を!」 [320K][/IMG] Format:mp3,320kbs Size: 95.7mb password→op@ Track List: 01 Right☆eye 02 Aqua Illumination 03 Do M 04 Hello Goodbye 05 Good-for-Nothing BLUES 06 Right☆eye <off vocal ver.> 07 Aqua Illumination <off vocal ver.> 08 Do M <off vocal ver.> 09 Hello Goodbye <off vocal ver.> 10 Good-for-Nothing BLUES <off vocal ver.> DL:
  7. This is just my review of recent personal owned HD800, HE-400i, AD900X Since I have owned many other headphones currently and in the past, I feel that I should have a good taste of the audio world My desktop setup: P1 > M8 > VA2 This is the SMSL stack consists of power supply, DAC and AMP Sennheiser HD800 was widely regarded as world's best consumer headphone when it was released Til today it is still considered by many, the best dynamic headphone in the world Sennheiser is known for making legendary audiophile headphones like HD600 and HD650 despite those two being over 20 years old, many still recommend them as one of the best entry level Now back to the HD800 impressions The sound is crystal clear and accurate, use it to listen to music I have been listening for many time before and I would notice some details that I have never heard before Being a neutral headphone, suitable for almost any type of music No matter low, mid or treble, the headphone outputs amazing sound from whatever you throw at it This is very AMP picky headphone for very good reason, because it will show every single detail so having a bad source will give you same result (also poor recording as well) And I was skeptical when people told me you can hear the differences in bad recording VS master recording, I sincerely believe it now after listened to this phone even though you can drive it with your smartphone,but to get the best performance out of this pair of cans, you will need a dedicated setup HD800 A/B compare against HE-400i (It is not a fair comparison, more like if you upgrade here is the main difference you will get) First thing I noticed is HD800 opens up a huge sound-stage Despite both headphones are fully open back design, meaning if I talk to someone while having them on my head, I would be able to hear every single word like I am not wearing anything at all So in comparison, the HE400i sounds narrow both headphones have great charity but unlike the HE400i HD800 has very bright and energetic vocal In comparison, when female vocals reach their highest point, that impact is missing in the HE400i, while it is well presented in the HD800 at high frequency it might be little piercing for some but it all comes down to personal preference In regard to this, I have to talk a little bit about myself, I love Japanese Anime and the shows are very much female voice centered when I watch anime with HD800, those brightness piercing female voices sound extremely satisfying At comfort stage, HD800 is little lighter than HE400i in terms of weight However when I put it on my head, the comfort level is not just a little this is due to overall design of HD800 that evenly distributes its weight with headband and earpads it doesn't have the huge clamping force like HE400i Normally with other phones, you eye glasses bands with be pushed against your head and fixed at one location but due to the large ear cup and small clamp force, I am able to adjust my glasses with them on, however the small force still present If I wasn't wearing glasses, I would totally feel like the headphone melts on my head In terms of dimension, even though both are full size headphone, but HD800 ear cups are wider and longer than the HE400i When I try to watch Anime while laying my back against the back of my bed with resting pillow, I often find the HD800 hitting the pillow For those of you interested in major change between the HD800 and newly released HD800S at the whopping price tag of $1799 (other than the color of course) 1, the HD800S smooths out the somewhat piercing sound in the treble area 2, Improvement over bass Some example tracks: 虹の音 - 藍井エイル | Shirushi - LiSA : not sure if I can describe well, if you have heard both sounds, you would know the first song has a climax (high point) and there are two for the latter song, they sound very clear but not over piercing, HD800 reaches that highest treble at the exact right point before gets annoying My Treasure - 茅原実里 solo sounded as her voice bounce back in space So in the end, my favorite female vocal tracks sound very much alive and lovely satisfying Hifiman HE400i People would think entry level planar magnetic headphone is already mid-gear in audiophile headphones This is somewhat not true, at least to this date, Fostex has some sub 300 level planar cans that are beloved by modding community, although you can't find anything planar lower than that, that's why I said "somewhat", the price level is subjective after all HE400i A/B compare against AD900X Again, like the previous one, this is not very fair comparison because their price point is at different level The first thing I noticed is the big improvements over the low and mid range due to this sound signature, it is very good at genres like rock, jazz and male vocals Being a planar headphone, BASS of HE400i is in a huge lead does not come as surprise to me However, in contrast to the above difference, the highs of HE400i do not wow me It has very good clarity, but the female vocals sound flat, there is not particular bright point The sound stage is tight, especially after tried HD800 In terms of comfort, I think the AD900X wins here by being a much lighter headphone as I didn't feel any clamp force from the pads Audio Technica AD900X is probably the best value phone at its price point Due to Japan's pop and Anime culture, most of the Japanese headphones I have heard have done a wonderful job on trebles Among all those Japanese headphone companies, Audio Technica still stands out to be the top in regard to special tuning for female vocals Like the HE400i, the AD900X is particular good at certain genre of music (e.g Anime, female vocal, Orchestra) Due to the nature of open back design, AD900X lacks bass The highs sound fun, but low and mid are medieval core Because the nature of its sound signature, AD900X can be little fatiguing when listen over long period of time In terms of comfort, I think the self adjusting headband has done an amazing job The headphone feels plastic, but it is understandable for this price range I don't recall I have notice any big difference in how large the sound space is between the HE400i and AD900X In other words, AD900X has very wide sound stage as one of the selling points for its price In the end, I have settled with my HD800, is it worth? you might ask All I can tell you is, this picture summarized my feeling when I put the cans on I am planing to purchase desktop VR, can't wait to combo it with the HD800
  8. 20140507142709

    From the album site use

  9. 実は今日、友たちと一緒にカラオケ店にいきまーす 今は一番歌うたいのソングはsupercellのthe bravery みんなさんはどうですか? 
  10. Japanese Title: なんだこれくしょん Japanese Artist: きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ Format: mp3 320kbs Size: 110mb ALBUM Track List: 1. なんだこれくしょん 2. にんじゃりばんばん 3. キミに100パーセント 4. Super Scooter Happy 5. インベーダーインベーダ― 6. み 7. ファッションモンスター 8. さいごのアイスクリーム 9. のりことのりお 10. ふりそでーしょん 11. くらくら 12. おとななこども DL: 001 su 002 SS 003 tb 004 dx 005 sw Zip pw→op@
  11. !Since we're Japanese culture based community, our lyric page's original lyric is intended to be Japanese However, there raise an issue, what if the original lyrics is not in Japanese and someone wish to provide Japanese translation over that lyric? That's why I added another text area for Japanese translation (only for lyrics that are not in Japanese) -Confirmed there is an issue with source, embedding code from our music search engine has been disabled In addition to that, Facebook like and comments have also been dropped support from music system due to incompatibility !Fixed an issue in music search engine not opening the song page when there are white spaces in the song's name !Lyric record page display layout has been improved +Other minor changes
  12. [12-03-21] iPhone etc対応ゲーム『拡散性ミリオンアーサー』主題歌 「Million of Bravery」/ちょうちょ, ヒャダイン mp3 320k 52.0mb 01. Million of Bravery 02. Million of Bravery (Excalibur Strut/ENG) 03. Million of Bravery (Off Vocal) 04. Million of Bravery (Excalibur Strut/ENG) (Off Vocal) FK ttp:// Zip pw→op@
  13. [13-01-25] PCゲーム『大図書館の羊飼い』ED「明日への栞/Dear Smile」/西沢はぐみ, Ceui mp3 320k 75.3mb 01. 明日への栞 / 歌 : 西沢はぐみ 作詞 : 永原さくら / 作編曲 : 松本慎一郎 02. Dear Smile / 歌 : Ceui 作詞 : 永原さくら / 作曲 : 小高光太郎、Ceui / 編曲:小高光太郎 03. Dear Smile (Tricolour Trio’s Ver.) / 歌 : 望月真帆、芹沢水結、嬉野紗弓実 04. 明日への栞 (Lily MusicBox) 05. Dear Smile (Blossom MusicBox) 06. 明日への栞 (Off Vocal) 07. Dear Smile (Off Vocal) qs ttp:// Zip pw→op@
  14. [13-01-23] THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA MASTER 015 本田未央 mp3 320k 43.1mb 1. ミツボシ☆☆★ 2. 目指せ!シンデレラNO.1! -本田未央編- (ドラマ) 3. ミツボシ☆☆★ (オリジナル・カラオケ) 4. ボーナス・トラック FS ttp:// Zip pw→op@
  15. [13-01-23] THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA MASTER 014 川島瑞樹 mp3 320k 46.5mb 1. Angel Breeze 2. 目指せ!シンデレラNO.1! -川島瑞樹編- (ドラマ) 3. Angel Breeze (オリジナル・カラオケ) 4. ボーナス・トラック RG ttp:// Zip pw→op@
  16. [13-01-23] THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA MASTER 013 十時愛梨 mp3 320k 45.5mb 1. アップルパイ・プリンセス 2. 目指せ!シンデレラNO.1! -十時愛梨編- (ドラマ) 3. アップルパイ・プリンセス (オリジナル・カラオケ) 4. ボーナス・トラック sf ttp:// Zip pw→op@
  17. like the title says I wanna sing The Everlasting Guilty Crown by Egoist beautiful lyrics
  18. [13-02-06] 劇場版アニメ『とある魔術の禁書目録 エンデュミオンの奇蹟』イメージソング 「Shining Star-☆-LOVE Letter」/井口裕香 mp3 320k 52.3mb 01. Shining Star-☆-LOVE Letter 02. Miracle ~song for you~ 03. Shining Star-☆-LOVE Letter (Instrumental) 04. Miracle ~song for you~ (Instrumental) BS ttp:// Zip pw=op@
  19. [13-02-06] TVアニメ『俺の彼女と幼なじみが修羅場すぎる』ED 「WWonder tale」/田村ゆかり mp3 320k 31.1mb 01. W:Wonder tale 02. 片方だけのイヤリング 03. I.N.G. tb ttp:// Zip pw=op@
  20. [130410] THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA MASTER お願い!シンデレラ/CINDERELLA GIRLS!! mp3 320k 102mb TRACK LIST 01. お願い!シンデレラ (M@STER VERSION) / 歌 : CINDERELLA GIRLS!!(島村卯月(CV.大橋彩香), 小日向美穂(CV.津田美波), 三村かな子(CV.大坪由佳), 渋谷凛(CV.福原綾香), 多田李衣菜(CV.青木瑠璃子), 神崎蘭子(CV.内田真礼), 本田未央(CV.原紗友里), 城ヶ崎美嘉(CV.佳村はるか), 城ヶ崎莉嘉(CV.山本希望)) 02. お願い!シンデレラ (Cute VERSION) / 歌 : CINDERELLA GIRLS for Cute!(島村卯月(CV.大橋彩香), 小日向美穂(CV.津田美波), 三村かな子(CV.大坪由佳)) 03. お願い!シンデレラ (Cool VERSION) / 歌 : CINDERELLA GIRLS for Cool!(渋谷凛(CV.福原綾香), 多田李衣菜(CV.青木瑠璃子), 神崎蘭子(CV.内田真礼)) 04. お願い!シンデレラ (Passion VERSION) / 歌 : CINDERELLA GIRLS for Passion!(本田未央(CV.原紗友里), 城ヶ崎美嘉(CV.佳村はるか), 城ヶ崎莉嘉(CV.山本希望)) 05. あんきら劇場 06. お願い!シンデレラ (ハピ☆ハピVer) / 歌 : CINDERELLA GIRLS for あんきら(諸星きらり(CV.松嵜麗), 双葉杏(CV.五十嵐裕美)) 07. お願い!シンデレラ (オリジナルカラオケ) es ttp:// pw→ zxc
  21. [12-12-19] TVアニメ『マギ』 ED 「制服のマネキン」/乃木坂46 mp3 313k 55.3mb 1. 制服のマネキン 2. 指望遠鏡 3. 指望遠鏡 ~アニメ版~ 4. 制服のマネキン (off vocal ver.) 5. 指望遠鏡 (off vocal ver.) su ttp://
  22. [13-01-30] TVアニメ『まおゆう魔王勇者』 ED 「Unknown Vision」/新居昭乃 mp3 320k 50.1mb TRACK LIST 01. Unknown Vision 02. 一切へ 03. Magic Garden 04. Unknown Vision (w/o akino) su ttp://
  23. [13-01-30] TVアニメ『まおゆう魔王勇者』 OP 「向かい風」/YOHKO mp3 320k 41.5mb TRACK LIST 01. 向かい風 02. Bed Song 03. 向かい風 (w/o YOHKO) 04. Bed Song (w/o YOHKO) un ttp://
  24. [13-01-30] TVアニメ『AMNESIA(アムネシア)』 OP 「Zoetrope」/やなぎなぎ mp3 320k 52.2mb TRACK LIST 01. Zoetrope 02. 星々の渡り鳥 03. replica 04. Zoetrope (instrumental) 05. 星々の渡り鳥 (instrumental) 06. replica (instrumental) su ttp://
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