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Found 1 result

  1. Here is how you can help support the Anime/Game/Music/Hobby etc makers/producers You're not required to include product link(s) because whether you can't find a product or just feeling lazy But if you enjoy the piece of work, You're free and welcome to post purchase link to their stuff (Note that due to quality of content (e.g scams), you're only allowed to post below sites) Allowed sites: (more will be added in the future) | | | | | | You might already read our site manual that we do not allow linking to commercial / advertising stuff, that being said, the above sites are exceptions How to: Simply copy&paste link to the product / search result You can post related items as well, (e.g if you post a lyrics on the lyrics database, you can include a link to the Anime or Game product) This is an example and recommended format (optional) Related article, know the rights, see how the industry works: