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Resistance: Burning Skies



well after playing the demo...

its not that great I can say I wont be buyng this game right now

(maby at a later time tho)

  • Graphics: I felt like I was playing a PSP game
    Sound: again it was not very good you mostly hear crappy sounding guns and your footsteps
    Gameplay: I was playing on Normal and frankly it was really easy (I do play competitive FPS's so maby im just good ?)
    Story: the demo was the first chapter and it did not "pull me in", I dont really care for it at all
    (and im normally the guy that prefers the campaign)
    Controls: I think the controls are good but need some refining
    (dont get me wrong it does work and work well)

I would like to know what every one else thinks so please post your thoughts

(I have not played the MP so who knows maby thats actually good)

(tho according to reviews its fun but not that great)


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