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[updated] MGS2 rant



ok so I have not played MGS2 for a few years and could not remember why I never finished it

so since I now have it on the Vita then why not play it again right ? well I just played the game for around 10min and I remember why I never even got past the beginning before. The camera is horrible heck dare I say near unplayable

now I have beaten MGS1 before so its not like I cant play with a similar camera but for some reason MGS2's camera is simply so bad I cant play it, now dont get me wrong I have seen my younger brother play it fully and it looks like it has a good story and that other then the camera its all good but yea its a good thing I like MGS3 so much cause I refuse to play MGS2.

also in MGS3 why does "The Boss" fight still have that terrible camera ? well at least the camera is still better then in MGS2.

man I feel so much better now ^__^


ok so after playing for awhile longer and resisting trowing my Vita at a wall I have gotten to about half way done with the game and I got to say after just sticking with it it gets better and the camera

dose not bother you as much.

I do not plan on getting the Platinum Trophy but mhee :/


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I played one of the MGS on my PSP back in couple years ago

I still remember it was pretty easy to beat the game, and I only played it once, probably in easy mode tho

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