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  1. Sayu

    Some theme edits and a portal

    I'll give you the theme and my requested banners/etc. When I have them done ♥
  2. Sayu

    Some theme edits and a portal

    The site is and I have not yet downloaded said theme that I would like edited, because I was hoping for someone to help edit it! Alright for the jquery :c Thanks!
  3. Compliments on the bright and pretty layout. I feel very happy just seeing the site! A theme similar to This theme. I need it in colors similar to this. I just wish it used CSS and not images, if that is possible. I would also like a top bar similar to the current theme, similar to what is seen here if that is at all possible. Here is a link of some instructions that never seem to work for me. :c Would it be possible to package it in a mod so I can use it in future themes? Is it also possible to replace the page you see on with a portal or something showing the top posters, member of the month, and announcements? NOTES: I have subaccounts so you'll have to make a "switch account" dropdown on the theme edit. Please help me! PM me if you would like to temporarily join with admin privledges. I'm updating the site from the 10th to the 14th of December so I have a very limited time. Thank you!