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  1. either im not really sure how i can get to the stage i want to im only good in PSD could you tell me what files you will need to make a new theme or what files you will need to customise and existing theme to look like the in post 2 thanks
  2. site name: in folder called Themes/custom/images/Custom Image names: bg.gif logo.png main_bg1.gif header-bg.gif barstats.png
  3. link to forum what i want the hope page to look like, can you tell me what files you will need eg: their names/what the do (header, white gradient at top)
  4. hi there i decided to write out some like guides to give you an idea of what i want, first the home page i want to look like this : i take it you will need to following for that : Header_BG.gif logo.png bg.gif menue icons for guest: home,login,register,youtube,gamebattles,about us for admin: home,forum, profile,admin, moderate,youtube,gamebattles,files,logout for normal user: home,forum, profile,youtube,gamebattles,files (im not sure how you are going to do these if you want i have some images split up into the button names)? the user info bar will be the same for news chat etc and the forum is the file called bar_stats? the files i currently have done are bg_header bg_main header stats_bar menu_gfx submit_bg are there anymore you need?
  5. well i edited the theme i downloaded but it looked chopped and bad im not to bad in photoshop and whipped this image up for a home screen in 10 mins if i gave you all the images you needed to make a custon theme for me could you complie it and set it up, i know im asking quite alot but i dont understand coding at all. Trim could you PM me here or on SMF with your reply