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Promote for us! (now able to earn commission)

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How do you like us so far? Would you like to promote for us?
It's really simple, just copy and paste the codes into your other forum signatures or other places



在这里玩得开心吗? 愿意帮我们宣传吗?





(Recommended) Random Style (automatic rotate)
BBC/Forum/论坛/フォーラム codes:



HTML codes:

<a href="http://eudemon.org"><img src="http://eudemon.org/img/promo/rotate.php" /></a>

*Artworks belong to its illustrators, prohibited for commercial use





How to earn money from promoting?


如果通過宣傳我們來賺錢, 中文


到您的客戶區 -> 推薦

在那您可以個性化傳送地址 (必須是我們域名內的)



建議使用最後兩個代碼 (有吸引眼球的自動隨機轉動的美圖)


*您可以使用賺到的錢來購買任何我們的商品, 或者兌現


**例子: 假設您在您所在的A論壇的簽名放了我們的圖片, 一個遊客點擊了那個圖片迴轉到了我們網站

他瀏覽了幾個頁面之後註冊了一個帳號, 五天之後他決定購買了一個廣告(200K impressions) 和一個 6個月的V.I.P! 會員



Go to your client area -> referrals

From there you can customize the page you're redirecting to (must within our domain)


You can earn 25% of ALL items of your referred member's purchase within one week after registration

Recommend using the last two codes (with eye-catching beautiful auto-random rotating images)


*You may use earned referral money to purchase any of our product or to cash out


**Scenario: Suppose you added our banner to your forum signature in site A, a visitor clicked your banner and redirected to our site

He browsed some pages and then registered an account on our site, five days later he decided to purchase an advertisement (200k impressions) and a 6 months V.I.P! subscription

You are credited $20+ USD in your account

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