The winter break is over

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Although I probably have said it in my status update :10:

I have dedicated almost all my free time into coding for the site ever since the winter break started (college/university)


now that one month and plus has passed, look back at the things I have completed (included but not limited too)

Wiki, content bbc, my developed plugins, homepage, bunch bug fixes, layout improvements, new skin etc

(for some small changes you can look at the change log* topic, still that doesn't include everything because sometimes I was too busy and forgot to add them, these things add up that made me lost tracks)




coming soon:


lyrics database (was opened for beta testing for couple days then I had an idea to renovate the structure of it

some people say image speaks thousand words, so I have included some development screenshots

post-1-0-22801100-1359056808_thumb.jpg the index page for lyrics now returns this message

here is the current structure



Music search engine

my first time mention about this, so if you don't know that's ok

this feature will allow you search music, play or download (this is why i call it search engine because it pulls data from internet)

post-1-0-37072800-1359056839_thumb.jpg here is a screenshot of the working player



again, first time mentioning about this, i have talked to very few Chinese friends and they liked this idea

so, i'm implementing it


promotion system

allow members to earn money by promoting us





what else is in planned my head (seems like these things build up

I have a lot of ideas but very little time to develop, especially now the break ended, but here is the list)


1, YUI like AI system, a character pop up on the site that will talk to you (if you have image resource for chibi characters with bunch emotions please do send it to me)


2, Wallpaper search engine


3, Quote database


4, Character database


5, system enhancement (more features build on top of our current features, or improving current features)


6, Online majong game


7, Online battle/card game (a completely original game that formed in my head when day dreaming


8, I forgot, but there should be more :20:






now that you know how hard to work for the site

I have very lack of time to post content to the site

if you're feeling helpful, please post discussion thread, upload something, or add something to the resource database (tutorials etc)




you wonder what this :14: is?

new emoticons that I will talk about in the next announcement (spoiler? although you can already use it)

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although we can lock a single database for preventing edit by other members

but I bet many members don't know about this, so I have moved our official topic back to this board

while still leaving the help topic on the resource database allowing our members to contribute to the content

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