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Sword Art Online the game

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I played it a few months ago but the game is kinda .. slow paced ? I don't know , it's just you can't move freely and lot of glitches like, you moved far away but the monster still can hit you

there one but that very noticeable, when you go on mission with Silica, i think the mission was to let Silica kill some bees (?) , but if you killed them all, you will got stuck and can't go anywhere. I asked my friend, the mission was doing perfectly for him. So I had to restart the game :(

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I beated the game, at first I was like "we start after 75th floor? this game is so awesome but gonna be too short"

and then realized content later on just started to bore me out


also the ending doesn't have much content to it which sucks, I was expecting to see more

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